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Occasionally you may run into situations where it's not possible for Formwork to fit around a structure. Handset Designer flags these cases by superimposing a red circle on the drawing page.

To correct Formwork drawing warnings:

1. Click the Handset Designer tab and click Drawing Warnings.

The Drawing Warnings dialog appears.

2. Double-click an item in the dialog to zoom to the location of the warning.

Handset Designer zooms in to the warning location and the Drawing Warnings dialog window becomes transparent

3. Click OK to exit.

4. Click and drag the zoom feature in the Status Bar to zoom out.

Note: You can also use Visio's View toolbar to adjust zoom settings or you can press the Ctrl key while turning the mouse wheel.

Frequently, you can correct these situations by slight adjustments to your available materials or to the building structure itself. One of the common errors with Pilaster and Wall intersections occurs when the endpoints are very close but not within an acceptable tolerance. You can fix this situation by zooming in and nudging or moving the Wall or Pilaster to meet the other shape. You can also drop a guide onto one shape or the other to assist with ensuring that the shapes lie on the same plane. (Refer to Key Concepts for information on guides.)

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