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Handset Designer includes a number of shapes that only appear as part of the drawn Formwork. These include corner brackets, bolts and Job Built Fillers (JBFs). Once these parts appear on a drawing, they are available to copy/paste, resize, move, delete and reuse in other parts of the Formwork or in other drawings. Keep in mind that operations such as adding new structures to the page or resizing a drawing shape will delete Formwork and remove edits and any custom Formwork designs you may have created. Because of this, you may want to edit the Formwork as the last step.

Note: As with any Formwork editing, Form Edit mode must be set to ON.

To delete a Formwork part:

1. Click the Formwork part (to select it)

2. Press the Delete key on your keyboard.

You may also select and delete multiple parts as well as the yellow and red circles that indicate custom design callouts or drawing warnings.

To delete multiple parts:

1. Hold the Shift key down while you click each part you want to select.

2. Click the Delete key.

Handset Designer deletes the parts. Notice that the Tie (which was not selected) remains in place.

Although you may be tempted to click and drag your mouse across multiple shapes to select them, it is easy to select more shapes than you may have intended to. If you make a mistake, press Ctrl+Z on your keyboard (or the Undo arrow on the Visio toolbar) to step backwards.

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