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Since the default view of the Drawing Page is the plan view (which means you view the drawing looking from above it), you must draw an Right or a Left Elevation in order to view the sloped floor. In order to draw an Elevation View, you must first draw the Formwork.

To draw an elevation for a sloped floor:

1. Click the appropriate Wall shape to select it.

2. Click the Handset Designer tab and then click Draw Formwork.

Handset Designer adds Formwork to the Wall.

3. As needed, click Right Elevation or Left Elevation in the Formwork group. 

4. Right-click the Elevation arrow and select Page-# from the menu that appears.

Handset Designer displays the Elevation with the sloped floor.

Panel Offset

Side-by-side Panels and Fillers are offset vertically from each other. Since the dado slots on the Panels are at 1 ft. on center (greatest value), the offsets must be at 1 ft. intervals as well.

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