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From time to time you may want to edit the Formwork. Handset Designer makes this an easy process.  However, before you can edit Formwork, you must turn the Formwork editing mode on.

Formwork Deletion

Operations that cause Handset Designer to delete Formwork (such as adding new structures to the page) will cause your edits to be removed. Therefore, you may want to perform Formwork editing as your last step.


Since Ties are a part of the Formwork, adding Ties from the Formwork stencil causes Handset Designer to set Form Edit to on. If you redraw or delete the Formwork, Handset Designer removes the Ties, which means you must add them again. Refer to Working with Ties for more information.

Material Properties

Contained within the Formwork is a custom property called Stackup height. The value here indicates the panel height(s) and can be used to view the Formwork sizes.

Bill Of Materials

The Bill of Materials will accurately reflect any Formwork edits. If you resize a shape to a size that Handset Designer does not recognize, you will still see the part number but the description will reflect that the part is not found.

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