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Handset Designer enables you to selectively edit the stackup for each Formwork component in a convenient Formwork Stackup dialog.

To edit the Formwork stackup:

1. Click the Form Edit button to turn Form Edit Mode ON.

2. Click a Formwork shape to select it.

3. Click the Formwork Stackup button in the Handset Designer ribbon.

The Formwork Stackup dialog appears.

As necessary:

4. Click the appropriate height the available heights column and click the arrow to the add to the Use this stackup column.

5. Click the up and down arrows to arrange the stackup heights in the Use the stackup list.

6. Click the X button to delete a stackup height from the Use the stackup list.

7. Click OK.

You can also select multiple Formwork shapes and set their stackup at the same time.

You can also set the stackups that Handset Designer uses when drawing Formwork. Refer to Formwork Sizes Tab for more detail.

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