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Chord Offset

The Chord Offset largely controls the design of Curved Walls. This is the allowable distance between the radius line of the Wall (which is curved) and the straight line of a filler or Panel (which is straight). Check with a structural engineer, architect or other job specifications for the correct value to use here.

Slab Design

Footing corner brackets can be used for 90 degree Slab corners by checking Use footing corner bracket checkbox. 

Bay Corners

Bay corners are used primarily at 45 degree Wall intersections. This option enables you to tell Handset Designer to use swivel and hinged corners instead.


If this checkbox is checked, Handset Designer will set your Pilaster to use Pilaster forms when you drag and drop new ones to the page.

Panel Dimensions

Panel dimensions are drawn using the right-click menu on a Wall, Curved Wall or tank. Checking the Wall length or height options controls the display of Wall length and height on the Panel dimensions. Refer to Adding a Panel Dimension and Editing a Panel Dimension for more detail.

Formwork Ties

The decimal place accuracy for the Tie length enables you to set the tolerance that is displayed in the material list for the length of the Tie. The default value is 2 decimal places, which is 1/4 inch accuracy (0.25 inches). 1 decimal place is 1/2 inch, 3 places is 1/8" and 4 decimal places is 1/16".

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