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Version: 5.0.107    Release Date: November 17, 2020

Enhancement Release Notes

  • Fix data storage to not require Microsoft Access engine, which has also been removed from the installer as a prerequisite.
  • Update digital certificate to use newer protocols of digital signing.
  • All graphics have been updated to the new Avontus theme
  • If no formwork is drawn or the correct objects aren't selected when clicking Formwork Stackup or the Left-Right Panel Dimensions buttons on the toolbar will display the appropriate message indicating what should be selecte.
  • Added improved crash reporting with option to give information on what happend.
  • All of the settings files have been moved to the common app data folder. You may need to reset your default settings in Options.

Bug Fix Release Notes

  • Fix help documentation to point to new site.
  • Fix numerous bugs that were reported from crash reports.
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