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From time to time you may want to make a copy of Formwork parts to use in multiple places in the current drawing or to create a parts inventory to use in different drawings. Copying parts can be particularly helpful in resolving situations where you need a custom solution. You can copy and paste most parts of the Formwork, including Panels, corner brackets, Ties and Fillers. (For more information about custom Formwork, refer to Fitting the Formwork and Correcting Formwork Drawing Warnings).

The following steps illustrate how to copy, paste and manipulate a Job Built Filler (JBF).

To copy and paste Formwork parts:

1. Right-click the shape and select Copy from the menu that appears. (The example below shows a Filler shape that Handset Designer has measured and drawn.)

2. Click an area of the drawing, right-click and select Paste from the menu that appears.

Note: You can also use keyboard controls (Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V), or Copy/Paste in the Visio Home tab, but keep in mind that unless you first click a specific area, the shape may paste to an undesirable location.

The pasted shape appears, along with it's designation (in this instance, F for Filler).

As needed:

3. Click and drag the shape's rotation handle to align it with the Formwork area.

4. If necessary, click the Size & Position button in the Handset Designer toolbar.

The Size & Position popup appears.

5. Click in the Width text field and enter a new width.

Note: For measurements use ft. for feet, in. for inches and m. for meters. You may also enter fractional measurements; for example, 1.5 ft. will automatically show as 1 ft., 6 in.

6. Drag and drop the shape into location.

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