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Turning Formwork editing mode to on enables you to modify or delete areas of Formwork without deleting or redrawing all of it at once. However, it is important to be aware of the key areas of your design and the materials that are affected by editing the Formwork. By default the form editing feature is set to OFF. In order to make any detailed changes to Formwork, you must set the edit mode to ON.

To enable or disable the Formwork editing mode, click the Form Edit button in the Handset Designer pane.

The button shows FORM EDIT ON and Formwork editing is enabled.

Note: If the Form Edit button is already set to ON when you draw your Formwork, you will have to toggle it off and then on again in order to re-enter Formwork edit mode.

If you perform operations that result in deleted Formwork (such as adding new structures to the Drawing Page), Handset Designer removes any changes. Because of this, you may want to perform Formwork editing as your last step.

Note: With Form Edit ON, you can also modify the Formwork on sections and elevations.

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