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Handset Designer is a Windows-based program that enables you to use the skills that you already have. Hardware requirements are designed to work with your existing infrastructure, minimizing your IT costs.

Automatic Updates

Quantify has an auto-update mechanism that keeps end-users up to date with the latest features and enhancements.

Hardware Requirements

  • Processor

2 GHz or higher

  • RAM

2 GB RAM minimum

4 GB recommended

  • Hard Disk

2GB available disk space

  • Display

1024 x 768 or higher resolution

Software Requirements

  • Operating System

Windows 10

32 or 64 bit versions

  • Program Dependencies

Handset Designer requires a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Microsoft Visio® 2013, which can be installed on Windows 10: When UAC is turned off, install must be completed using Administrator login, or use the right-click action ‘Run as Administrator’


Due to graphics and licensing limitations, Visio and Handset Designer should not be run in a virtualized environment. Install and run Visio and Handset Designer directly on your computer.

For the best user experience, we recommend using two displays – one for drawing and the other for viewing 3D models.

Quantify Estimate integration requires Quantify v 4.0.683 or above.

Quantify Web integration requires Quantify Web license.

Administrator rights required for installation.

.NET Framework 4.5, which will be installed if needed.

Microsoft Access Database Engine®, which will be installed if needed.

Actual requirements for Microsoft Visio® functionality might vary based on the system configuration and operating system, refer to for details.

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