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Slab Edge

Slab Edge is a single line shape with a default elevation of 1 ft.

Use the Slab Edge shape to create Slabs that have multiple sides.

Multiple Slab Edges connected together are commonly used for grade beams of varying thickness. Although most of the time a Slab Edge is used for a fully contained shape, their use is not limited to these situations. You can use a Slab Edge shape to define the side of single-sided wall formwork common to retaining walls.

Use the Polygonal Slab shape to create Slab Edges with multiple sides of the same length.

One of the main features for drawing Slab Edges is that the Formwork is drawn horizontally, or laid down, for Slab thicknesses (height) under 2 ft.

Since Slab Edges are fairly complex, there are many optional locations for you to place Ties. Refer to Working with Ties for more detail on how to manually place Ties in a drawing.

You can configure the Slab elevations for a single edge or as a multi-sided Slab shape.


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