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Form ties connect opposite faces of wall formwork to restrain the applied concrete pressures. Handset Designer automatically adds Ties when you draw Formwork. You can also manually add Ties by dragging and dropping the Tie shape onto the Formwork. Tie quantities are automatically calculated in the Bill of Materials. You can also set Tie quantities manually from the Drawing Page, and you can customize Tie spacing, form load and pressure in the Formwork Ties Tab of the Formwork Options dialog.

When Handset Designer cannot determine a Tie location or Formwork design, you must manually place ties on the drawing. In this case, Handset Designer displays small yellow circles that highlight the problem area (as seen below) and alert you to the need for a custom solution.

Custom ties also appear on the Bill of Materials.

About Pilaster Ties

If the Pilaster is large enough that a single Panel will not fit, Handset Designer will fit multiple Panels or Fillers into the space and use a Formwork Tie to tie them together. The vertical Tie frequency and wedge bolt materials are the same as the frequency used along a Wall of the same height

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