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Walls are probably the most common component you will use for the structures that you will draw. While a single wall is a simple shape, you can connect Wall shapes to each other and to other shapes to form more complex structures. Because Walls are such a key element of structures, it will be helpful to understand some key ways in which they behave within Handset Designer and some basic ways with which to start working with them. 

The default Wall is eight feet long and has a thickness of eight inches. The default values can be adjusted. Refer to Formwork Options for more information. You can also use the Geometry tab for more detailed control over building creation. You can also chain Walls together to form a stepped or a sloped Wall.

Use Visio's Format Shape feature to edit a Wall's fill and transparency. For more about editing the characteristics of Walls, refer to the following pages. Also refer to Working with Dimensions for more information.

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