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Quantify enables you to generate the following Pivot Reports:

Product Pricing Pivot
Product Quantity Pivot
Job Sites and Groups Pivot
Estimate Summary Pivot
Estimate Detail Pivot
Shipment Pivot
Shipment Consumables Pivot
Shipment Additional Charges Pivot
Shipment Pivot for Job Site
Scaffold Pivot
Activity Pivot

NOTE: The following features are only available in the Industrial Edition of Quantify.

The Activity Pivot report is a custom report that provides details about Activities as well as information about the related Scaffold and Job Site. When the Activity Type field is the first column of the report, the report information will automatically group by type. When the Activity Type or other activity related fields are added to the report, information can be grouped and subtotaled by each field.

For more information, please view the Using and Managing Pivot Reports help articles.

Inspections Due Pivot
Inspection History Pivot
Shipment Pivot for Scaffold
Service Ticket Pivot
Transaction Pivot
Transaction Products Pivot
Pivot for all Order Transactions
Pivot for Selected Order Transaction
Invoice Pivot
invoice Additional Charges Pivot
Rent Extension Pivot

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