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Initially, the Recurring Charges dialog is empty. To add a Recurring Charge to a Shipment, the item must first be added in the Recurring Charges dialog. The procedures below show you how to do this.

To add a Recurring Charge:

1. Click Recurring Charges.

The Recurring Charges dialog appears.

2. Click the Add button ().

The Recurring Charge dialog appears.

3. Click in the Name text field and enter a name for the the Recurring Charge.

This field is required.

4. Click in the Description text field and enter a description of the the Recurring Charge.

5. Click the Units dropdown and select the Units Quantify will use for this Recurring Charge.

Note: Quantify shares the Units available here with the Additional Charges Units.

6. Click OK.

Once added, a Recurring Charge can be added to Shipments and Estimates and invoiced to Job Sites.

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