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To add a Scaffold Tracking Job Site;

1. Click the appropriate Branch Office node of your current organizational structure.

2. Click the Add button (image2018-8-9_22-47-26.png) and select Add Job Site from the dropdown that appears.

The Job Site dialog appears.The default required fields for a Job Site are:

      • Job Site Name
      • Customer
      • If the Job Site is Billable, Billing Method details and Rate Profile

Note: Required fields may vary based upon company settings.

3. Click in the Job Site Name text field and enter the name for the new Job Site.

4. Click the Customer dropdown and select the appropriate customer.

5. Click the Scaffolds tab.

Note: If you do not see this tab, refer to Enabling Global Scaffold Tracking Features.

6 Click the Track individual scaffolds at this location checkbox, to put a check in it.

Note: This unlocks additional features, options and custom fields (based on your license).

7. Complete the various fields as necessary. Refer to Adding a Job Site for more details.

8. Click the Billing tab.

The Job Site dialog refreshes.

9. If this job will be billable, leave the This job site is billable check box checked. Otherwise uncheck this box and skip to step #10.

10.  For a billable job, enter the appropriate billing options. Refer to Working with Billing Methods.

11. Click the Rent sub-tab.  

12. Click the Rate Profile dropdown and select the Rate Profile for this Scaffold Job Site from the Rate profile drop down.

13. Click the Options sub-tab.

14 Click the appropriate Invoice Order Options radio button.

15. Configure taxes, as appropriate. For these procedures, refer to Configuring Tax Options for a Job Site.

16. Click OK.

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