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Applying the First Advance, Then Arrears billing method is a simple procedure that requires just a few steps.  Before you begin, make sure you know the following:

- Whether you want to bill based on an accumulated number of days (like 14 days) or based on a specific day of the month (like, the first of the month)

- The minimum days rent to be charged

- Whether you want to allow a specified minimum to override the minimum days specified in a Rate Profile

- Whether you want to include Additional Charges and Consumables in minimum days invoices

To apply the First Advance, Then Arrears (FATA) billing method:

1. Locate and double-click the appropriate Job Site.

The Job Site dialog appears.

2. Click the Billing tab.

As necessary:

3. Click the First Advance, Then Arrears radio button.

4. Click in the Minimum Days Rent text field and enter the minimum days rent.

5. Click the Allow override of Minimum Days from Rate Profile when Specified checkbox, to enable it, if appropriate.

6. Click the Include Additional Charge on Minimum Invoices checkbox, to put a check in it, if appropriate. 

6. Configure a time frame.


a. Click the Daily radio button.

b. Click in the Invoice Every text field and enter the number of days between invoices.


a. Click the Monthly radio button.

b. Click in Monthly dropdown and select the invoice day. Your options are: First day of month, Last day of month, Last Sunday of month or Specific day of month.

c. If you select Specific day of month click in the Day of Month text field and enter the appropriate day.

7. Click OK.

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