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You can change the Rate Profiles associated with Shipments. These changes take effect on Invoices created after the change was made. Changing a Rate Profile on a Shipment does not affect existing Invoices. If billing for a Job Site is reset, the current rates on the Shipment(s) will be used.

Note:  Change/Update Rate Profile on Selected Shipments (below) can also be used to update rates, in cases where Rate Profile rates have changed.

To change the Rate Profile on Shipments to regular Job Sites:

1. Click the appropriate location in the Organization Tree, then click the Shipping tab.

2. Select the Shipment(s) you want to update, then click the Change dropdown and select Change/Update Rate Profile on Selected Shipments.

Note: You can select multiple Shipments and the change will apply to all of them.

The Change Selected Shipments dialog appears.

3. Click the Rate Profile dropdown and select the Rate Profile you want to apply to the Shipment.

4. Click Change.

Note: Returns (RET) do not have Rate Profile assignments. If change is attempted on return Shipments, an error will occur.

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