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Quantify displays the Summary tab by default and automatically fills the Estimate Number, Status and Assigned to Branch Office fields (the Assigned to Branch Office selection defaults if a Branch Office has been selected in the Organization Tree). However, you can change these entries.

Note: This article only contains procedures for the required fields in this tab. For an explanation of all the fields, refer to About the Estimate Dialog Summary Tab.

To configure the new Estimate's Summary tab:

1. Click the Customer dropdown and select the appropriate customer.

Note: This is a required field.

2. Click the appropriate radio button (Rent, Sell Available, or Sell New) in the Estimate Price is For section.

3. Click in the Rent Discount % text field and enter any applicable rent discount percent.

4. Click the Delivery calendar icon ().

A calendar appears.

5. Locate and click the appropriate delivery date.

This date will appear on the printed estimate.

6. Click the Return calendar icon ().

A calendar appears.

7. Locate and click the appropriate return date.

8. Click the Due calendar icon ().

A calendar appears.

9. Locate and click the appropriate due date.

The due date will appear on the printed estimate.

Note: The next two fields are required, but may be updated when a Rate Profile is select in the Products tab. They also set up the length of the rental and effect the Estimate total.

10. Click in the Label text field and enter the appropriate label.

11. Click in the No. Periods fields the length of the rental. 

Note: The labels may be overwritten (and day period defined) when copying rates from a Rate Profile, if the Rate Profile uses a different Rental Days label.


12. Click OK.

Now, configure the Products tab.

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