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You can ship items directly from a Reservation without creating a separate Shipment.

To convert a new Reservation to a delivery:

1. Click the appropriate location in the Organization Tree, then click the Shipping tab.

2. Locate and select the appropriate Reservation, then click the Send Selected Shipment button ().

Note:  The Send Selected Shipment button is only available when a Reservation is selected.

The Shipping Reservation dialog appears, with the Products tab selected, displaying Products and counts that were reserved.  

3. If you are shipping all quantities on the Reservation, click the Copy Quantities to Actuals button () to quickly populate the Sent column with all reserved counts.

4. To send different quantities than the reserved quantities, locate the item you want to send, click its cell in the Sent column and enter the appropriate amount.

4. Repeat the above step as many times as necessary.

By default the Create New Reservation for Short Quantities checkbox is enabled.

If this Shipment will not include all equipment in the Reservation, Quantify will create a new Reservation for the remaining equipment. 

5. As necessary, click this checkbox (to remove its check) to return remaining equipment to inventory and not create a new Reservation for the remaining equipment.

6. Click Send Shipment.

Quantify converts the Reservation to a delivery, adds the inventory to the Job Site and displays it in the Products tab.

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