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Quantify enables you to generate and edit various types of Deliveries, Transfers and Returns and to move items between Branch Offices and Job Sites as needed. You can generate the following types of shipments:

- Deliveries to a Location

- Returns from a Location

- Pre-Returns from a location

- Reservations for a location

This article contains the following:

Creating a New Shipment

The procedures in this section apply to Deliveries, Returns and Reservations. If you want to learn about or to create Pre-Returns, refer to Working with Pre-Returns.

To create a new Shipment:

1. Locate and click the Branch Office or Job Site from which you want to ship equipment, click the Shipping tab and click the Ship Items to a Location button (). 

Note: You can also right-click the Job Site and select either Deliver to this location or Return from this location from the New Shipment sub-menu. 

The New Direct Ship dialog appears.

Note: If you use the right-click method above, Quantify pre-populates the From and To sections of the Direct Ship dialog.

2. Use the information in The New Direct Ship Dialog to configure the new Shipment.

Editing a Shipment

Quantify enables you to edit a Shipment up until the Shipment is invoiced.  You can always edit Shipment properties that are not billing-related.

Note: If the Shipment's destination was incorrectly entered, you must void the Shipment and create a new one. However, if the relevant Branch Office is configured to require counting of equipment when received and you receive the Shipment with discrepancies, you cannot edit or void the Shipment until the you have resolved the discrepancies.

To edit a shipment:

1. Locate and and click the appropriate location and click the Shipping tab.

2. Click the appropriate shipment(s), then click the Edit Shipment button ().

Note: You can also double-click the Shipment.

The Editing Completed dialog for this Shipment appears. 

3. Edit this dialog, as necessary. 

To learn more about the items in this dialog, refer to: The New Direct Ship Dialog.

Note: Once a Shipment is created, you cannot edit the To and From sections of the Summary tab.

Note: To add Products and Consumables, click the View dropdown and select All.

4. Click OK.

Voiding a Shipment

When you void a Shipment, Quantify adjusts quantities at both locations.  You cannot void a Shipment if it has been invoiced.

To void a Shipment:

1. Locate and and click the appropriate location and click the Shipping tab.

2. Click the appropriate Shipment(s), then click the Void Shipment button ().

The Confirm Void dialog appears.

3. Click Void.

The shipment will be voided and removed from the Shipment tab.

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