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You can create a custom field in Quantify, and then apply this custom field in a report.

Creating a Custom Field

To create a custom field

1. Click Tools and select Global Options

2. In the Global Options screen, select Products

3. In the Custom text boxes, specify the name of the columns.

4. Click OK.

5. Select Tools and click My Options.

6. In My Options, select Products and Consumables and enable the custom column.

7. Click Close

You will find the column has been added to the Bill of Materials table of a shipment.

Creating the Report

Once we have created the custom column, we will need to configure a report to include that column.

Note: This is an example, you are free to modify the Report to how you wish it to appear

1. Open Report Designer, select Shipment on the left and click Add.

As we need to add a column, we need to expand the width of the report. To do this we need to change the report to landscape mode.

2. Select the Page tab

3. Click the Orientation drop-down and select Landscape.

This will change the report to landscape mode.

We will need to add a column to the LblRentProducts table.

4. To create the column, right-click inside a cell, for example the Description cell, hover over Insert and select Insert Cell

5. Change the column to “Country”.

6. Add another cell below.

7. Click inside the new cell and select the arrow icon.

8. Select the Data Binding drop-down and locate the field (you will find this under ShipmentProductProducts).

9. Click Save in the Home tab and specify a name.

10. Launch the Report in Quantify.

This will launch the report with the added custom column.

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