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If a part is no longer being used and will not be used any time in the foreseeable future, you can move it from the Product Catalog to the Inactive Product Catalog.

To move a Product to the Inactive Product Catalog:

1. Ensure there are no stocked quantities at any location, including negative quantities on any Job SIte. 

a. Use the Product Quantity Pivot Report to locate stocked quantities. To learn more about Pivot reports, refer to About Pivot Reports

b. If you find quantities at one or more Job Sites, create a return to the appropriate Branch Office for the entire quantity of that product from each Job Site. To learn more about creating a return, refer to Creating a Return Shipment.

c. If negative quantities exist at one or more Job Sites, resolve the negative quantities. To learn more about resolving negative quantities, refer to  the Resolving a Negative On-Rent Balance at a Job Site section of Working with Job Site Negative Balances.

d. If the parts have quantities in a To Be Serviced or Out of Service queue, resolve these conditions. To learn more about servicing, refer to Working with Out of Service Items or Working with To Be Serviced Inventory.

e. After you have returned all quantities to the appropriate Branch Offices, use the Adjust Quantities feature to bring all Branch Office quantities to zero (0). To learn more about adjusting quantities, refer to Adjusting Quantities for a Location.

f. If the part has any inventory stocked in New status, use the Adjust Inventory feature to remove these quantities.

2. Ensure the part is not in an active Reservation, in any Shipment in transit, has any Shipment discrepancy quantities, or any quantities on order.

a. To locate Shipment quantities, use the Selected Product Quantities by Location report.  For information about this report, refer to Old-The Products Reports Dropdown

b. If the part is in an active Reservation, receive or remove the reserved quantities. 

c. If the part is in any Shipment in transit, complete those Shipment(s).

d. If the part has discrepancy quantity(s), resolve the discrepancies. To learn about resolving discrepancies, refer to Resolving a Discrepancy.

e. If the part has quantities on order, complete the Order Transaction(s). To learn about Order Transactions, refer to About Purchasing Available vs. Ordering Available Transactions and Purchasing and Selling Available and New Products; Ordering Available, Re-Rent and New Products.

f. For each case above, update stocked quantities, returning the stocked balances to zero, as appropriate.

3. Click Product Catalog.

The Product Catalog appears.

4. Click the Product you want to move to the Inactive Product Catalog.

5. Right-click that Product and select Move Selected to Inactive Catalog from the menu that appears.

A confirmation dialog appears.

6. Click Yes.

Quantify moves the product to the Inactive Product Catalog.

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