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The organization tree is where you can find your corporate structure as well as the Branch Offices, Laydown Yards, Staging Areas, Job Sites, and Groups. The corporate structure is generally set up by Avontus, unless you have created your own database.


If you select the green + icon you can add Branch Offices, Laydown yards, Staging Areas, Job Sites, and Groups.

 You can also right-click on a corporate structure and select to add a new Corporate Structure or Branch Office.

Or you can right-click on a Branch Office to add a Laydown Yard, Staging area, or Job Site.

The options are related to what you select, so you can’t select to add a Branch Office when you click on another Branch Office.

Clicking on the green + icon, you can select to add a Branch office. If you select to add a Branch office you may get a message stating that we have exceeded the maximum number of branches allowed in accordance with the license purchased. If we select to add and laydown yard, the same will happen. Contact your admin user to purchase more licenses.


Edit allows you to edit the selected Job Site, Branch Office, Laydown Yard, Staging Area, or Group.

Alternatively, you can right-click and select edit, or double-click on the item you wish to edit.

Make the required changes and click OK.


Click the red X icon to delete an item

Delete will allow you to delete the item, but it cannot be deleted if it has been used.

However, you can deactivate an item by marking it as inactive.

My Options

Click this icon to open the My Options screen.

My Options allows you to modify the look of the organization tree. For example, you can select to show the number and name of a location on the organization tree. You can also group by customer and you can select to show active/inactive locations. When using My Options this will only impact the user making the changes, this is in contrast to Global Options which will impact all users.

Please visit My Options to find out more.


This icon allows you to search for a location.

Type a search term, and the found location that matches the search term will be highlighted in the organization tree.


This icon refreshes the screen.

Adjust Quantities for selected Location.

This icon enables you to manually adjust quantities of products associated with a Job Site.

In the Adjust Properties dialog, you can then adjust the prices of multiple parts at this location using the Available and New columns.

You can find more information on adjusting quantities of products here.


Click this icon to view the company’s change history.

History will display all the change history of that branch, such as changes to the products that are on rent or have been rented. Here you can see the old and new values, and you can drag fields from the menu bar to the table header.

Product Pivot Report

Click this icon to open the Product Pivot Report

Product History provides an overview of the history of your products and quantities you have of these products over a period of time.

Click here for more information on the Product History Pivot Report.

Google Earth

Google Earth will show you all your locations on a map. This is gathered from the address and coordinates provided for the location.

Click the Google Earth icon to start the Google Earth app.

For more information on viewing Scaffold Locations on Google Earth, please visit Viewing Scaffold Locations in Google Earth.

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