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Version: 9.3.1526.126    Release Date: September 14th, 2021

  • New artwork and icons for the 2021 release.

  • Integration with Xero is now more secure using OAuth 2.0 sign-in and authentication.

  • Requests on both web and desktop now include consumables, as well as enhanced filtering to limit the non-stocked parts at a location.

  • To make it easier to re-use a Bill of Materials (BOM), you can now copy the BOM from any shipment in any status to a new shipment.

  • Added error notification to the OK button on Options, so that errors can be viewed like other dialog boxes.


  • Updated the look and feel of the installer to match other Avontus products.

  • Installers are all now ISO 19770-2 software identification compliant. This helps larger organizations identify what software is installed.

  • Expressions in pivots and reports have been improved to allow for more calculations.

  • Rental invoices with a zero amount can now be synchronized with QuickBooks.

  • Improved rendering of the request portal on the Microsoft Edge browser.

  • The Cost column is now available on the transaction products pivot.

  • You can now filter equipment on the request portal to only show materials for the parent location.

  • Update certificate now used to digitally sign all of the binaries.

  • Estimate pivot now performs better with thousands of estimates.

  • UI Updates to PreReturn Dialog

  • BOs updated to include TimeStamps on request from API users

  • Additional List classes added on request from API users


  • Fixed inconsistencies regarding reorder, inspection, and warranty notifications.

  • Fixed issue where scaffold tracking jobsites could be set as inactive when there are active stocked balances.

  • Fixed issue where the description on the invoice additional charges pivot wasn't matching the description on the shipment.

  • Fixed issue where Quantify was incorrectly locking a return even though it was created after the job was invoiced.

  • Fixed issue where the Created Date on some of the invoices was displaying the current date and not the date and time the invoice was created.

  • Fixed issue where, when copying an estimate to a reservation, the To and From combo boxes were locked.

  • Invoice pivot now correctly identifies User1 (sales person) for scaffold tracking jobsites.

  • Fixed bug on shipment when copying all available items into out of service.

  • Fixed performance issue when swapping multiple re-rented materials with owned at the jobsite level.

  • Improved performance viewing scaffolds on Google Earth for jobsites with thousands of scaffolds.

  • Fixed issue with sorting dates on product forecast.

  • Fixed issue with the quantity pivot where damaged and repairable materials were not matching the report.

  • Fixed issue where purchase and work orders were not appearing on summary invoices in certain situations.

  • Fixed issue where the custom catalog column (Custom1) was not visible when selling consumables.

  • Fixed issue where the Comment field in the Products tab was not displaying on the products grid.

  • Fixed issue where the Last Cost entry in the product catalog was incorrectly added when voiding a transaction.

  • Fixed issue where an incorrect error message appeared when setting a product as inactive when there are out of service items.

  • Fixed issue where multiple rental rates across the same serialized product was not consistent in some cases.

  • Fixed issue with ‘copy estimate to delivery’ for bigger databases the large number of parts (products + consumables) at the branch.

  • EST to DEL Conversion - Crash Fix and Performance Update

  • Copy Rate Profile - Crash Fix and Performance Update

  • Resolved Change Status Issue with Out of Service Archived Items

  • Crash Related to Editing Quantities for a ReRent Transaction

  • Resolved various other crash reports.

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