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Many newer small devices (laptops, tablets, etc.) come with the resolution set very high, which makes everything appear small onscreen. Users sometimes increase the Windows scaling to make everything look normal again. Unfortunately, setting the scaling option above 100% makes certain headings, buttons, windows and icons in the Quantify interface look out of proportion and/or cut off. Below are some examples of what this looks like and instructions on how to resolve this issue.

You will notice this when you first log in.

Notice that the Username and Password text fields have half the height they normally do and that the Username and Password labels are cut in half. If you do log in, the interface will appear with its features out of balance, cut off and difficult to use.

To correct this, set the display scaling to 100%.

Note: Setting scaling to 100% is part of Quantify's system requirements.

To set display scaling:

1. Right-click the anywhere in the Desktop and select Display Settings from the menu that appears.

The Displays Settings dialog appears.

2. Click the Display Scale dropdown and select 100%.

After changing the scaling to 100%, if everything on-screen appears to be very small, you can correct this by reducing the screen resolution. The procedures below show you how to change the screen resolution, if needed.

Note: Screen resolution options vary, depending on the make and dimensions of the screen. You may want to try several different resolutions, to find which one best fits your screen.

3. If you want to change the resolution, click the Resolution dropdown and select the appropriate resolution.

Note: We recommend 1920 x 1080 for 21" or lager monitors.

3. Close the Displays Settings dialog.

4. Either log out or restart your machine in order for the changes to take effect.

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