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The procedures below are for selling available Products.  However, they are identical to those for selling new Products.

To sell available and new Products:

1. Click the Transactions tab.

2. Click the Add button () and select Sell Available Products from the menu that appears.

The Sell Available dialog appears. 

Note: the procedures below only contains required fields.

3. Click the Branch Office or Sub-Branch dropdown and select the appropriate Branch Office or Sub-Branch.

4. Click the Customer dropdown and select the appropriate customer.

5. If the Sell Available transaction will be billed to a customer, complete the Billing section.

a. Click the Materials on this transaction are billable checkbox, to put a check in it.

b. Click the Job Site dropdown and select the appropriate Job site.

c. Click the Order dropdown and select the appropriate order.

6. Click the Products Tab.

The Sell Available dialog refreshes.

7. Locate the appropriate product, click in its cell in the Quantity column and enter the counts of material to be sold.

8. Click in its cell in the Price Ea. column and enter the price of each one piece.

9. Repeat the above two steps as many times as necessary.

10. Click OK.

Quantify adds the completed Sell Available transaction to the Transactions tab. 

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