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You can list products, separated by category, on the Shipments Reports.

To do this

1. On the main window of the Report Designer, select DetailProducts

2. In the Group and Sort section, select remove to delete the current sorting.

3. Click Add a Group and navigate to ProductCategoryNameLazyLoaded

4. Click Add a Sort and navigate to ProductCategoryID

The Group and Sort section should look like this.

5. In the Field List, expand ShipmentProductProducts

6. Find ProductCategoryNameLazyLoaded and drag it to the design page.

7. You can then align the report, for example we can move the heading row of the LblRentProducts

8. You can then drag in the Label field

9. Change the Label text to "Category"

10. Click Save in the top-left

11. Enter a name and click OK

You can then preview the report in Quantify to see your changes.

You can see this on the updated report.

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