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You create and manage Customer companies on Quantify's Customers tab.

To set up a Customer Company:

1. Click the Customer tab, then click the Add button ().

The Customer dialog appears.

2. Click in the Customer Name text field and enter the name of the new customer.

3. To add a Customer User, click the top Add button ().

The User dialog appears. Use it to enter user's contact information.

Required fields for a Customer User include: First, Last, Username  and Password.  Other fields are optional.

Note: The Role dropdown defaults to Customer and is the only role available for customer contacts.

Note: The Active – Allow this user to log in and view items assigned to the customer that they belong to checkbox is checked by default.  This checkbox must be checked in order for the customer to log in to Quantify.

4. Click in the First text field and enter the customer's first name.

5. Click in the Last text field and enter the customer's last name.

6. Click in the Username text field and enter the customer's user name.

7. Click in the Password text field and enter the customer's password.

8. Repeat the above steps for each user you want to add.

9. Click OK when you are done.

The Customer dialog returns. Customer Users that have been added to this Customer appear within the Customer User grid.

10. Click OK when ready.

Quantify adds the Customer along with the Customer Users.

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