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Use the Global Options dialog to enable/disable and configure features that affect all users. For example, you can enable/disable serialized product tracking, inventory tracking, equipment servicing, requests, notifications, the use of Additional Charges and many more features. You can also use the Global Options dialog to add custom fields to your Quantify interface and name them as you wish. For example, if you would like to track a specific freight company's shipments, you can add a custom field to track this information. (Refer to the Adding a Custom Field to the New Direct Ship Dialog in About the Global Options Dialog Shipments and Scaffolds Tab.) You can set up custom fields in multiple areas in Quantify. Once you do, you can select and include them in pivot reports. 

Note: You cannot modify which currency units are used as Quantify does not store the data on units or currency in the database. For more information, please see Number formats, Currency and Units of Measure in Quantify.

This dialog is separated into multiple tabs, each with its own article.

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