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You can return items that need repair, inspection, routine maintenance, etc. after use to a To Be Serviced node. You can then create Service Tickets and charge the associated costs to service the product to the Job Site. Quantify deducts the consumable items used during servicing from the branch consumable stock, thus maintaining an accurate inventory of these items.

You can move items from Out of Service to To Be Serviced and vice versa. Refer to  Working with To Be Serviced Inventory and Servicing and Inspections for more information on the To Be Serviced option.

Enabling the To Be Serviced Feature

To enable the To Be Serviced feature:

  1. Turn on the Allow servicing of equipment option in Global Options
    Click Tools menu and select Global Options.

  2. Click the Allow servicing of equipment checkbox, to put a check in it.

  3. Click OK.

  4. Edit the Branch Office that will be tracking servicing of equipment.

  5. Click the Allow items to be serviced when returned to this branch office checkbox and  Allow items to be placed out of service when returned to this branch office checkbox, to put checks in them.

  6. Click OK

    Now the selected Branch Office has To Be Serviced and Out of Service nodes.

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