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You can use Scaffold Designer on more than one machine, but you can only use it on one machine at a time. To make this possible, you deactivate Scaffold Designer one one machine and use the same Scaffold Designer activation code on another machine.

Note: You can only activate and deactivate Scaffold Designer four (4) times in a single day.

To deactivate the license to allow activation on a another computer:

1. Open Scaffold Designer on the computer with the activated license.

If you are unable to locate the activated computer, are no longer able to use the activated computer, or are otherwise unable to open the activated license of Scaffold Designer, contact for assistance.

2. Click Info, in the left side of the Backstage.

3. Click Activation Manager.

The Scaffold Designer License Info dialog appears.

4. Click Deactivate License.

A confirmation message appears.

5. Click Yes.

A second confirmation dialog appears.

6. Click OK.

Scaffold Designer closes. The license is now available to activate on another computer.

Note: It may take several minutes after deactivation for the license record to update on the activation server. If you continue to receive this message after deactivating, wait a few minutes and try again. Activation records can take up to an hour to update.

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