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Note: In order to use Scaffold Designer, you need an active license for the software. You can purchase a Scaffold Designer license on our website, here:

Installation Notes


Installation requires administrator rights.

User Account Control (UAC)

When UAC is turned off, installation must be completed using Administrator login, or right-click the installer and select Run as Administrator.

Remote Desktop/Virtual Machines

Due to graphics limitations, Scaffold Designer does not support remote desktop and virtual machine environments.

Multi-User Computers

When multiple users share a single computer, user accounts may require administrator privileges for Scaffold Designer and Microsoft Visio®. Additionally, in certain scenarios on shared computers, you may need to start Visio before you can open Scaffold Designer. If necessary, contact your system administrator for installation. 

Quantify Integration Warnings

  • Quantify integration requires Quantify v 8.2.1401 or above.
  • Quantify Web integration requires a Quantify Web license.


You can use ClickOnce technologies to install Scaffold Viewer and other products that depend on Scaffold Designer. Ensure that your firewall is enabled to allow ClickOnce to install and update properly.

Installation Procedures

Scaffold Designer requires Microsoft Visio 2013 or later to operate. Therefore, you must install Visio before installing Scaffold Designer. A single license of Microsoft Visio 2013 is included with each license of Scaffold Designer.

Installation is completed in three steps:

1. Determine the bit version to install.

Scaffold Designer is available in both 32 and 64 bit versions. The bit version of Scaffold Designer must match the bit version of Visio. To determine which bit version of Visio you need, see our guide here. Please note that the bit version of Visio does not always match the bit version of the computer.

2. Install Microsoft Visio.

If this program is already installed on your computer, skip this step. If Visio is not already installed, download and install the appropriate bit version.

3. Install Scaffold Designer.

Download and install the bit version of Scaffold Designer that matches the bit version of installed Visio:

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact

For complete installation instructions, select an article below.

Software & Hardware Requirements

Determining Which Version of MS Visio You Need/Have

Installing and Launching Scaffold Designer

Activating Scaffold Designer

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