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Installation takes only a few minutes. Use the links below to download the Microsoft Visio 2019 and Avontus Designer installers:

Note: We recommend to use the 64 bit version of Microsoft Visio and Avontus Designer if possible. To determine which bit version you should get please see our article here.

This page contains the following:


Installing Microsoft Visio 2019

First, after downloading the installation file above, install Microsoft Visio 2019:

  1. Navigate to the location of the Visio 2019 installation file:

 2. The Visio installer dialog appears.

The download begins

     The installer installs Visio 2019.

The installer informs you when the installation is complete.

3. Click Close.

Installing Avontus Designer

To install Avontus Designer:

1. Double-click the Avontus Designer installation file that was previously downloaded.

The Avontus Avontus Designer Setup Wizard installer launches.

2. Click Next.

If prerequisite programs or tools are missing on your computer, the Prerequisites Setup Wizard appears. Common prerequisites include Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Visual Studio Tools and Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010.

3. Click the checkbox for each prerequisite to install (to put a check in them) and click Next.

The prerequisites you selected will begin downloading. The process may differ depending on the prerequisite

4. Click the I accept the terms in the license agreement checkbox

5. Click Install.

The installation will begin


6. Click Run or Finish


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