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Working together with Quantify, Avontus Designer can be a powerful tool to help you manage your projects and your business. For example, you can create a drawing in Avontus Designer. Then, since Avontus Designer contains a materials database, you can use the drawing and its materials to create a Quantify Estimate. Once the Estimate becomes a job, you can attach the drawing to that job and export it to Quantify Web, so relevant people on the Job Site can review the drawing.

This page contains the following:

Creating a Quantify Estimate from a Avontus Designer Drawing

Once a drawing is complete, Avontus Designer will create an Estimate for you with the click of a button.

To create an Estimate from a drawing:

1. As necessary, click the Scaffold tab and click  Bill of Materials.

The Bill of Materials dialog appears. 

2. As necessary, click the appropriate Modify cell and enter the amount by which you want to modify the quantity of a specific item in the list, then press the Enter or Tab key on your keyboard.

When you press either key, the numbers in the Total Qty and Total Weight cells adjust accordingly.

3. Repeat the above step for each item you want to modify.

4. Click Quantify and make the appropriate selection form the menu that appears.  Your options are:

Open in Quantify - choose this options if Quantify is installed on the same computer as Avontus Designer. If Quantify is not currently open, you will be prompted to login during the integration. 

Save as Quantify File - Choose this options if Quantify is not installed on the same computer as Avontus Designer, or if you want to integrate with another user’s Quantify. Then, in Quantify, the user must select Import File from Avontus Designer in the Estimates tab to complete the integration.

If you selected Save As Quantify File:

The Quantify Import File dialog appears.

5. As necessary, click  in the File Name text field and enter a new name for the exported file.

6. Navigate to the folder into which you want to save the new file and click OK.

That's it.

If you selected Open in Quantify:

Quantify launches and prompts you to log in.

Note: Some units may not be found in Quantify. These will have to be added.

7. Click in the Username text field and enter your Quantify username.

8. Click in the Password text field,  enter your Quantify password and click OK.

The Estimate dialog appears. 

The Summary tab contains the Avontus Designer drawing and Avontus Designer web drawing are added as attachments.  

The Products tab contains the appropriate quantities of matched materials from the Avontus Designer bill of materials.

9. At minimum, complete the required fields:

a. Click the Customer dropdown and select the appropriate customer.

b. Click in the Delivery text field and enter a delivery date.

c. Click in the Return text field and enter a return date.

d. Click in the Label text field and enter a period label.

e. Complete the Estimate by adding any additional information as necessary. (Refer to Old-Creating an Estimate for additional details.)

10. Click OK

Attaching a Avontus Designer Drawing to a Quantify Scaffold Job

After saving the Estimate with the drawing attachment in Quantify, it can be used to create a Shipment to a Scaffold Tag job. 

To attach a drawing to a scaffold job:

1. Launch and log in to Quantify.

2. Click the Estimates tab and click the Estimate.

3. Click Copy To and select Shipment to Scaffold Tag from the menu that appears.

The Select Scaffold dialog appears.

4. As necessary, click the Copy Attachments from Estimate checkbox, to put a check in it.

5.Click the upper dropdown and select the appropriate Job Site.

6. Click the lower dropdown and select the appropriate Scaffold.

7. Click OK.

The New Direct Ship dialog appears.

8. Click in the Rent Start text field and enter the appropriate start date.

9  Click the Activity dropdown and select the appropriate activity.

9. Click OK.

Note: Drawings in Quantify Web are view-only.  Use Avontus Designer to make changes to a drawing.  After saving the changes, the new drawing must be attached to the scaffold job manually.

Viewing a Avontus Designer Drawing that is Attached to a Quantify Entity

You can launch Avontus Designer drawing files attached to Quantify and Quantify Web dialogs (for example: Estimates, Shipments, Requests, etc.) in Avontus Designer, if Avontus Designer and Quantify are both installed.  This enables you to view the scaffolds in 3D.  If Avontus Designer isn’t installed, you can use Microsoft Visio to open these files.

Note: If you do not have Microsoft Visio, you can download Microsoft Visio 2016 Viewer, which enables you to view Avontus Designer drawings with Internet Explorer.  

To view a Avontus Designer drawing from Quantify/Quantify Web:

Note: The example below is a Avontus Designer drawing attached to a Quantify Estimate.  

1. Click the appropriate node in the Organization Tree, then click the Estimates tab.

2. Click the Edit button.

The Estimates dialog appears.

3. Click the drawing, then click the View Selected Attachment button ().

The drawing opens in Avontus Designer, if Avontus Designer is installed.

You can now use Avontus Designer features to view the drawing in 3D.

Exporting a Avontus Designer Drawing to a Quantify Web File

Avontus Designer generates files you can use as Quantify Web attachments (.sdweb extension). Once generated, you can attach the file to Quantify entities( such as Estimates, Job Sites, etc.) and view it in Quantify Web. 

To export a drawing to a Quantify Web file:

1. Open the drawing you want to export and click the Home tab.

2. Click Save and select Export to Quantify Web File.

The Quantify Web File dialog appears.

3. Navigate to the folder into which you want to save the file and click Save,

Avontus Designer generates the files and saves it into the folder.

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