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Version:    Release Notes: Sept 7, 2016

Feature Release Notes

  • Integrated, advanced or any frame guardrails can now be added to scaffold decks.
  • You can now add Aluminum toeboards to scaffold bays.
  • HAKI, OCTO, and Plus8 scaffold systems are now supported. New material catalogs have been created and are available to import.
  • Beam riders can now be used instead of base jacks to build custom bays over existing scaffolds.
  • Base-plate-only standards are now supported and can be added with or without base collar.
  • You can now shift ledgers and guardrails up/down using Start Node property in Bay Level Editor (More button).

Enhancement Release Notes

  • Significant performance improvements when drawing or updating scaffold bays and structures.
  • Scaffold Designer is now fully compatible with Visio 2016 and perform much better.
  • Base collars are now supported in all scaffold systems and can be turned on/off for each individual standard.
  • System scaffold variables such as node spacing and offsets can now be customized in Material Master using Vertical materials.
  • You can now save certain bay properties as default for current drawing or all drawings.
  • In 3D model, scaffold components are now added to separate layers based on part types.
  • Added Manufacturer column to Material Master.

Bug Fix Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug in which many error dialogs would open after deleting multiple side brackets through Side Settings drop down.
  • Fixed a bug with Bay Details drop down changing 3D view to conceptual model in an unexpected behavior.
  • Fixed the issue in which a base collar was added at top of the leg when multiple base collars were availabe.
  • Fixed an error in calculating corner decks in BOM table.
  • Removed the white background from 3D view vector copy.
  • Fixed an error in importing material catalogs with special characters or extra white spaces in their dimensions.

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