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Version: 6.1.401    Release Date: May 10, 2017 

Feature Release Notes

  • A new Beam building object has been added with options to change section type(e.g.I-beam, Box, U-channel, Tee, etc.) and include a part number which is automatically added to the BOM.
  • A new 'All' column has been added to Bay Details window to edit a property for all Verticals or Sides of a bay at once.This new column is also added to Level Details window.
  • Casters, fixed and adjustable, are now supported and can be added as a Jack Type option under Verticals in Bay Details window.
  • You can now select bays and building objects directly from conceptual model.This has made selecting overlapping objects like multi-level side brackets a lot easier.
  • A new Slab building object has been added to help with modeling any 3D quadrilateral like sloped roofs, walls or grounds, gables, tarps, enclosures, and etc. Elevation for each corner point can be individually changed.
  • Scaffold VR has been updated to support new building object types.

Enhancement Release Notes

  • Side bracket bays has been significantly improved resulting in huge reduction in drawing file size, much better memory usage and noticeable drawing performance.
  • Material Master is now saved to and loaded from a file on local disk(can be put on shared network drive).Deleting database files will not affect Material Master.
  • Title Block has been redesigned and now comes in two parts to make user customization easier. You can now double click on the title block to edit the information.
  • 3D view window toolbars have been redesigned and moved out of 3D view for better space allocation and view management. A new magnifier tool has also been added here.

Bug Fix Release Notes

  • A Visio bug in recent updates with title block border stretching has been fixed with the newly designed title block.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrectly positioning centered ladders outside when perpendicular planks are used.
  • Removed extra lines and cuts in 3D boiler object by combining boiler walls.
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements for drawing and selecting objects in 3D views.
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