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Version: 6.3.599.0    Release Date: November 13, 2018 

Feature Release Notes

  • Added Augmented Reality (AR) functionality
    • View AR models uploaded to Scaffold Viewer
    • View AR models through IOS or Android devices
    • Display AR models to scale or in the real world

Enhancement Release Notes

  • Added three new options to Select buttons (Drawing tab and Home tab)
    • Select All Bay Shapes
      • Selects all Bays in the drawing
    • Select All Building Shapes
      • Selects all Building Objects in the drawing (walls, tanks, beams, pipes, etc)
    • Select All Other Shapes
      • Selects all other objects in the drawing (text, dimensions, images, etc)
  • Increased Maximum Bay Level height from 10 to 20 nodes in Options
  • Corrected the value of actual top offset in circular scaffold dialog.
  • Reduce Boiler height to dance floor limit to 5 feet
  • Added file and model size to log files

Issues Resolved

  • Resolved an issue when adding extra toeboards and guardrails on stair tower.
  • Resolved issues relating to activation.
  • Resolved a few UI issues in scaffold form ribbon.
  • Resolved an issue in drawing Sphere shapes in 3D view.
  • Resolved an issue in License Info dialog box.
  • Resolved an error saving default settings on application exit.
  • Compact Stairs now display correct number of treads in Scaffold Viewer.
  • Custom Drawing Scale displays correctly in Title Block.
  • Resolved an issue when exporting braces to AutoCAD 3D Wireframe.
  • Corrected the value of actual top offset in circular scaffold dialog.
  • Resolved an edge-case issue in wall scaffold corners.

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