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Version: 6.4.688.0    Release Date: May 13, 2020 

Feature Release Notes

  • Added ability to export Conceptual and Model 3d views to AutoCAD DXF file format.

Enhancement Release Notes

  • Zero length materials are now being checked in advance, for some material groups, to avoid errors.

Issues Resolved

  • Resolved a crash issue in boiler scaffold trying to use zero length support frames.
  • Empty part numbers for materials (causing some issues) are now disallowed.
  • Resolved an issue with exporting to AutoCAD when part numbers where empty.
  • Invalid empty part numbers in Xml import files are now automatically populated.
  • When sending emails with attachments we now check if there is a mail client app available before attempting to send the email avoiding possible crashes.
  • Hardware acceleration is set to ON by default to avoid possible 3D view crashes when using OpenGL.
  • Resolved an issue with opening large drawings while trying to draw the conceptual model.
  • Resolved an issue in importing materials with possible empty values.

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