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The Scaffold tab enables you to add and configure the Scaffold Bays that you add to the Drawing Page. There are two types of Bays that you can click and drag onto a drawing: Standard Bays and Connector Bays.

Standard Bays

Standard Bays are the fundamental component of the Scaffolds you build with Scaffold Designer. You can configure Standard Bays with default settings the best suit the needs and standards of your business (dimensions, number of nodes per Bay, with or without planks, plank types, toeboard types, guardrail types, number of sill boards, etc.). Configure default Standard Bay settings in the Global Options dialog. For more information, refer to Setting Default Scaffold Bay Options.

Connector Bays

Connector Bays are malleable Bays that you can customize to fit into any space (for example, corners with odd angles). By default, Connector Bays have a trapezoidal shape.  However, you can click and drag the corners and connect them with other Bays. To learn how to place a Connector Bay, refer to Placing a Connector Bay Between Two Standard Bays.

This page contains the following:

Adding a Bay to a Drawing

The Scaffold tab contains the New Bay control. Adding a new Bay onto the Drawing Page is a simple click-and-drag procedure.

To add a Bay to a drawing:

1. Click New Bay and drag the new Bay to the middle of the drawing page.

Scaffold Designer adds a new default Bay to the page and updates the 3D view accordingly. The Bay Level Editor displays the details for this Bay.

Adding a Connected Bay to an Existing Bay

The Add to Bay control on the Scaffold tab (and each Bay on the Drawing Page) contains the features for adding adjoining Bays to an existing Bay. 

To add a connected Bay to an existing Bay:

1. Click the Bay to which you want to add another Bay, to select it.

2. Locate the Add Bay to Side group in the Scaffold tab and click the appropriate direction arrow. Your options are:

T - add a Bay to the Top of the selected Bay.

R - add a Bay to the Right side of the selected Bay.

B - add a Bay to the Bottom of the selected Bay.

L - add a Bay to the Left side of the selected Bay.

Note: You can also select any Bay, click its Direction arrow and select Add Bay to this side.

3. Repeat the above step as many times as necessary. 

Scaffold Designer adds the Bays. All the added Bays will have the same dimensions and properties as the original Bay. The most recently added Bay will be selected in the Drawing Page by default.  

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