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Avontus Designer enables you to build complete and accurate drawings by adding structures around and within which you can create the scaffold design itself. You easily create these structures using shapes that you click and drag from the Shapes pane onto the drawing page. Once there, you can edit each shape to suit your needs and add dimensions and leader notes.

Dimensioning - Engineering

This section includes tools for calculating angles, arcs, baselines, etc.


This section includes tools for adding text boxes, comments, callout boxes, reference objects, etc.

Avontus Designer

This section includes shapes and tools that Avontus Designer users use most often. It also contains smartshapes, which appear in the 3D view and can be used with the Wall Scaffold feature. You can add these shapes to the drawing by dragging and dropping the shape into the Drawing Page.  Once added, you can size it as needed.

Avontus Designer displays shapes from this section as flat objects on the Drawing Page, as transparent 3D objects in the Wireframe view, and as 3D objects with inherited fill and transparency properties in the Model view. 

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