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The list below contains best practices when viewing the AR Model at 1:1 in a real world environment. Following them will help you achieve the best viewing results possible.

The AR Model is very susceptible to imperfections in the AR Target. It is important to ensure that the AR Target is flat and level for the AR Model to display correctly at 1:1.

- Use the provided AR Target Coaster and keep it in good condition.

- If you need to print out an AR Target, print it on heavy card stock, if possible.

- If standard paper is the only option, be sure that it is smooth and flat as possible. For better results, affix the paper target to a firm and flat piece of cardboard or other material.

- Place the AR Target on a flat, horizontal surface. Use a Level, or Level App on your phone to ensure that the AR Target is level.

- Move your device close to the AR Target to place the model, then move the device away from the AR Target a few feet before scaling the model to 1:1.

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