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Avontus Viewer makes navigating through a model on your desktop an easy process, using your mouse and/or your keyboard. Each method provides specific maneuvers. Combine both mouse movements and keyboard entries to fly freely through a model to get the exact view you want.

Remember, before you try to navigate, place your cursor in the model area of the Avontus Viewer dialog and click. This activates the navigation.

Moving you mouse in specific directions produces specific results.

Move the mouse up, to look up.

Move the mouse down, to look down.

Move the mouse right, to look right.

Move the mouse left, to look left.

To move freely through your model, move your mouse in any direction. You can rotate and pivot your perspective without restriction.

The following keyboard entries provide their own movements. combine them with the mouse motions above and the result is a free flowing motion through your models.


Press the Q key to move up.


Press the A key to move left.


Press the W key to move forward.

To move towards a specific location, look directly at it and press the W key.


Press the S key to move backwards.


Press the E key to move down.


Press the D key to move right.


Press the Shift key to move at half speed, for precise manoeuvring.


Press the ESC key to release your mouse and cursor from the VR environment.


Press the CTRL key to move at the fastest speed.

Press the left arrow key to look to the left.

Press the right arrow key to look to the right.

Press the down arrow key to look down.

Press the up arrow key to look up.

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