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To show real world augmented reality:

1. Prepare your drawing for AR and upload the model to Scaffold Viewer.

2. Log in to Scaffold Viewer

Scaffold Viewer displays the list of models available to you.

3. Locate and tap the model you want to view.

Scaffold Viewer displays the 3D View screen.

4. If checked, tap the Ground Plane AR checkbox to remove its check, then tap AR.

5. When you go to the job site, place the AR Target in the real world location corresponding to the location at which you placed the Base Point in the drawing.

(If no AR Base Point has been placed in the drawing, the center of the model will be used).

6. Point your device at the AR Target and wait for the model to appear.

7. After the model appears, tap the Up/Down arrows  (/) until the Scaffold Viewer displays 1:1.

Scaffold Viewer displays a three-dimensional rendering over the actual building.

Note: If the model disappears, rotates, or otherwise fails to display as expected, point the device back at the AR Target to reacquire the model.

You can walk around the building and look at the rendering of the drawing, move in, move out, inspect for potential problems, etc.

8. If necessary, adjust the model:

Drag three fingers to rotate the model.

Drag one finger to move the model.

Use two fingers to scale the model.

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