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Logging in to Avontus Viewer on your mobile device is a simple process. The steps below apply to both iOS and Android devices.

Note: You may be asked to permission to allow Avontus Viewer access to your camera and take pictures. Click allow when prompted.

To log in to Avontus Viewer on your mobile device:



1. Tap the Avontus Viewer icon on your Home screen.

The Avontus Avontus Viewer Login Screen appears.

2, Tap in the Email Address text field.

The keyboard appears.

2. Enter your email address and tap the appropriate spot.

3. Tap the Password text field.

The Password keypad appears.

 4. Enter your password and tap the appropriate spot.

5. Tap the I Agree to the Terms and Conditions checkbox (to put a check in it).

6. Tap Sign in

Avontus Viewer logs you in and displays the list of models available to your account.

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