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Once you have created a model, you can upload it and view it on your mobile device. 

To upload a Scaffold Viewer model:

1. If necessary, launch Scaffold Designer and open the model you want to upload.

2. Click the Model tab in the 3D View window.

The window refreshes, displaying a 3D rendering the model.

3. Click the Scaffold Viewer icon ().

Scaffold Viewer launches and displays the Upload dialog.

Note: If the Log In dialog appears instead, log in to Scaffold Viewer and do step 3 again.

4. If you want to enter a new name and description:

a. Highlight the name in the Name text filed and enter a new name.

b. Click in the Description text field and enter a short description of the model.

5. Click the Upload icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the dialog.

Scaffold Viewer uploads the model and displays its name in the Scaffold Viewer interface.