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This feature allows you to record a video of your 3D scaffold model and upload it to social media. You can use the video to take your colleagues, partners or customers on a tour of your scaffold, giving them an idea of what the scaffold will look like before it is erected. The video will be uploaded to YouTube where you can share the link on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn or you can share the link via email.

Note: You will need a YouTube profile to upload videos to YouTube. For more information on creating a Youtube profile, please visit

Please note you can only upload and share videos of the scaffold models you have created. You will be unable to record and upload videos of any scaffolds shared with you by other users.

Recording your Video

To record your video, click YouTube Video and select Record Video. You will have the option of recording in 1080p or 720p. 1080p offers high quality video, but this may affect your PC’s performance. 720p offers lower video quality, but will impact performance less than 1080p.

To provide you with visual assistance, you will see on the screen the keyboard keys to use to perform an action such as starting the recording. Pressing TAB on the keyboard will begin the recording.

When recording, click on the screen and navigate around your 3D model. You can press the space bar to pause the video or TAB to stop and save the recording.

For more information navigating around your 3D model, please see the Navigating Through a Avontus Viewer Model on your Desktop.

When recording you can adjust the speed of the viewer. Tap Ctrl to activate the fastest mode and tap Ctrl again to return to the default mode. Tap Shift to activate the slowest mode and tap Shift again to return to the default mode.

The icon in the bottom left indicates what speed mode you are currently in. This will adjust how quickly the camera moves.

Please see below for examples.

Press Shift to go into the slowest mode. Press Shift again to change to the default mode.

This is the default mode.

Press CTRL to go into the fastest mode. Press CTRL again to change to the default mode.

When publishing the video, you will be able to specify the Video Name and the Description. This will be the title and description of the video on YouTube.

You can also preview your video before uploading it to YouTube.

If satisfied, select Publish to YouTube to upload the video to YouTube or click the back button to discard your video.

When a video has been uploaded, the YouTube logo will appear on the model name on the panel to the left. This indicates that a video has been uploaded for this model.

For more information on publishing your video, please visit the Recording and Publishing your Video help guide.

Sharing your Recording

It is possible to share your recording on social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or via Email.

For more information on sharing your videos on respective social media sites, please see the Sharing Videos section.


To get help in using Avontus Viewer, click YouTube Video and select Help.

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