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Recorded Training

The recorded training provides an overview of all the basic features and functions of Avontus Designer. After watching the AvontusDesigner Basics Training Video, please contact us at with any questions or to set up an online help session.

To view the Recorded BasicAvontusDesigner training:

Avontus Designer Basics Training Video


Start Page
  • Options overview
  • Material Master intro
  • Measurement units selection
  • System scaffold selection
Layout Overview
  • Drawing Page
  • Shapes
  • Top Ribbon overview
    • Page Setup
    • Title Block edit
    • Scaffold Tab overview
    • Structures
    • Drawing Tab overview
    • View Tab options
  • 3D View window
    • Conceptual view
    • Model view
  • Bay Level Editor overview
Automatic Wall Scaffold
  • Building a structure with walls
  • Changing the flow direction of a wall
  • Wall Scaffold options
  • Automatically creating scaffolding around walls
Customize Scaffold Bays
  • Drag and drop Bays to Drawing Page
  • Customizing a single scaffold bay
  • Extending a single bay into a run
  • Creating connector bays
  • Editing multiple bays through Side Settings
  • Creating Brackets/Cantilevers
  • Extending individual legs above or below the scaffold bay
  • Adding bracing
  • Adding a ladder
  • Adding a stair tower
Design Scaffold
  • Use Wall Scaffold to automate layout
  • Levels
  • Bracing
  • Ties
  • Corner options
  • Drag and drop Bays to Drawing Page
Special Controls
  • Rejoin Bays
  • Delete Bays
3D Controls and snapshots
  • Panning around the drawing
  • Taking Vector snapshots
  • Taking Raster snapshots
  • Adding extra pages to the drawing
  • Pasting snapshots to Drawing Page
Drawing Calculations
  • Bill of Materials
  • Quantify Integration
  • Edit Parts
  • Export to Excel, PDF, etc.
  • Copy and paste tables to Drawing Page
Scaffold Viewer Integration
  • Uploading the drawing to Scaffold Viewer
  • Walking around the scaffold
  • Sharing the Scaffold Viewer drawing

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