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This session is designed for end-users who will be creating invoices. This session covers rental billing methods, rate profile tools and creating invoices. This session covers the information below.

View Recorded Quantify Billing Webinar


Rate Profile Details and Features
  • Add, Edit, and Delete
  • Create from a Copy
  • Change Rental Days
  • Rate Adjustments
  • Rate Calculators
  • Job Costs
  • Weight-Based rates
  • Pro-Rating items to equal targeted rent
  • Replacement Cost
  • Consumable inventory
  • Recurring Rent
Job Site
  • Default Rate Profile for Job Site
  • Rent Start Dates
  • Rent Stop Dates
  • Changing Rate Profiles used by Shipments
  • Create Invoice (review for common Billing Method)
  • Create single Invoice
  • Create multiple Invoices
  • Create Invoices for single customer
  • Edit Invoices
  • Invoicing for Sale Transactions
Rent Extension Pivot
  • Using the Rent Extension Pivot report
Reset Billing
  • Reset Billing for Job Site
  • Recalculating Invoices

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