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This session is designed for end-users who will be creating bids and estimates for your customers. This session covers creating estimates, creating shipments and reservations from estimates, and creating estimates from on rent balances at a job site. This session covers the information below.

View Recorded Quantify Estimates Webinar


Create an Estimate
  • Sale vs. Rent Estimates
  • Apply Discounts
  • Select Rate Profile(s)
  • Prorate feature
  • Adding Consumable inventory
  • Markup, Discount, and Profit Margin Calculators
  • Printing
  • Summary Estimate
  • Detailed Estimate
Copy to a Shipment
  • Copy Estimate details into a Shipment
Copy to a Reservation
  • Copy Estimate details into a Reservation
Create an Estimate from a Copy
  • Copy Estimated details into a new Estimate
Delete an Estimate
  • Deleting Estimates
Create an Estimate from a Job Site Balance
  • Create an Estimate using Replacement Costs
  • Create and Estimate using Sell Prices
Create a Sell Transaction
  • Copy Estimate details into a Sell Transaction

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